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We are a discord based sneaker group that is dedicated to one goal, teaching you how to resell sneakers, streetwear, and more.

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Why Join Galactic Pings?

Within our Discord server awaits a multitude of features and membership benefits that our members use on a daily basis. By joining Galactic Pings, the information and tools that we provide will boost your reselling profit to the moon.

Early Information

Our dedicated and hard-working staff team work around the clock to research and provide you with accurate and important information several days before the release date. This includes sitelists, early links, shock drops and much more!


GroupBuys & Giveaways

Galactic Pings holds exclusive group buys with well-known companies in the community to help secure top of the line products for our members.  Massive giveaways are often held throughout the server providing tools you need to succeed.

Rapid Monitors

Never miss out on another restock with our monitors which monitor over 200+ popular and lowkey sites including Nike, Adidas, Frenzy and Footsites. Also monitor top social feeds for sneaker and bot companies alike with our lightning fast social monitors.

24/7 Support

Our staff are located from across the globe, each dedicated to helping you fulfill your reselling career. Along with our 24/7 support, we provide 1 on 1 support for any assistance that is required. All 1 on 1 support will be within private channels.

Much More

Apart from sneaker reselling, we also offer more ways of making money. From reselling Funko, affordable AWS credits, to flipping bots, we provide large benefits for our users. Provide discounted slots for hyped release with experienced bot users and much more!

Only The Best

Our information is directly sourced and delivered to our members within the comfort of our Discord server. Sitelists, complete guides, and more make up the many intellectual benefits that come with a subscription to Galactic Pings.

– Jacob#7542

“The best group in the game.”

Our Success

Our members are profiting thousands per month on streetwear, funko, and more. Take a look at our most recent successful transactions.


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Have any questions before joining? DM us on Twitter or send us a message below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.